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(type of result may vary)


It’s not just a golly darn pickle jar it’s the shining future of your little baby bundle!

Are you expecting a baby? Does your man swear like a sailor? Does this worry you? If the answer is “&%$^#! yeah”, then you need The Original New Daddy (No More F-Bombs) Swear Jar™!

Created by a sailor (and new daddy) for swear-oholics and the women who love them. Jar includes: Swear-O Meter™, Corrective Aid Soap and Assessment Tool. Our three-step program guarantees results.* Works for potty-mouth mommies too!

Perfect gift for baby showers, Father’s Day, baby’s first birthday and, of course, shotgun weddings! Guarantee your baby’s future today!**

*Type of result may vary

**Particularly important if baby is showing early signs of P.M.D., Potty Mouth Disease. Prevents your baby’s babble-bombs from turning into full blown F-bombs before it’s too late.


The Steps

Step 1

Recognize the danger of uncontrolled F-bombs with the SWEAR-0 METER.

Predict your bundle of joy’s future career. It all depends on you!

Step 2

Wash those dirty words away with Corrective aid soap.

Go old school and threaten to scrub out that potty mouth with 100% American made soap suds.

Step 3

Throw a party and use the assessment tool bottle opener. Place Swear Jar near adult beverages. See how new daddy and friends do.

Mommies keep the money!


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